Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hobbit Cottage

Here are a few photos of what we've created so far: 

...Or I arrange the living room like this--

Part of the office--as it was. It's much more cluttered now. Sigh.

The bathroom:

The stairs:

Upstairs, Debra's World aka the guest room:

Here's my closet bedroom:

Down in the basement we created a 1920's kitchen for additional storage:

And here is our garage:

And the backyard:

And the side yard with bird feeders we watch from the windows:

Our Herb & Etc. Garden in the front yard:

And our front porch:

And that's a portion of what we've done so far during our first nearly-four years here at Hobbit Cottage.  We love our new home and feel so blessed God gave it to us. Thanks for visiting!



  1. Love the Photos. Good luck in your new home.
    Dolores Lynn

  2. Thanks, Ladies! You are so nice to leave the first comments here at my new blog. :) Blessings, Debra

  3. 'tis a charming little hobbit home, for certain

    i picture sam gamgee doing some trimming 'round the hedge :o)

  4. Paul--ah, the perfect comment. Thanks! And when it comes to the hedges I surely do wish Sam Gamgee was here to trim them! :) Blessings, Debra

  5. Utterly adorable! Just what a cottage should be. And I adore the 1920s kitchen.

  6. Love your cozy home. Home in every sense of the word. I've called your kitchen 1940 but I see you refer to it as 1920. I do love it!!! That is where I would go to dream of again being Suzy homemaker. I know she left town a while back, but if you want to visit/be her for a short time, once in a while...she might be visiting that kitchen!! :) Sarah

  7. By the way, how did you get that view of the side of the garage? Did you climb the tree??? :0 :) Sarah

  8. Just found Hobbit Cottage pics. Your taste is superb as usual, but where is Tom's room? Or does he like to keep it "private"? It seems like you have lots of room - what did you say the square footage was?


  9. your home is so sweet and quaint, I just love what you have done with it. Glad to see you are happy and settled. Thanks for the comments on my blog they were comforting as only you can do Debra! Have fun in Hobbit Cottage, Hugs, Pearl

  10. Well Hobbit House gets better all the time. So nice not to do all that farm work and mowing lawns like the old place. You both have done a great job. I hope your Easter was wonderful ares was very blessed. Hugs, Pearl

  11. Wow! It is precious! I love it! Congrats on making it so stinkin adorable! (: If you'd like to check out my blog sometime, too, that'd be awesome: I love posting cottage decor, even though I don't have a house even half as cute as yours, haha! And if you like it, you can follow me back, too, but otherwise, keep blogging and I'll keep reading!

  12. Love what you've done with it!

  13. Peace. That is what I feel today when I look at all the pictures of your home. I can't tell you why or what sets off that feeling but it is certainly there. I felt like sighing with contentment looking at it. I know this sounds silly but it is really how I felt. I love it. Sarah

  14. I love the coziness factor, you have created. I, too, love Fiestaware, Gladys Taber books and the vintage kitchen you created.


Thanks for sharing your kind thoughts! :)